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Félix Sánchez Gana Oro en 400 Metro con Vallas, Luguelin Santos, Ganador Plata 400 Metros


LONDRES (AP) — Félix Sánchez hizo honor a su apodo. El dominicano demostró que es un hombre de hierro capaz de desafiar al tiempo.

Ocho años después de darle a República Dominicana el primer oro olímpico en su historia, el eterno "Súper Sánchez" se impuso el lunes en los 400 metros con vallas en los Juegos de Londres con tiempo de 47.63 segundos.

A 24 días de cumplir 35 años, Sánchez se convirtió en el atleta de mayor edad que gana un oro olímpico en cualquier carrera de velocidad. El estadounidense Michael Tinsley se llevó la medalla de plata con 47.91 y el puertorriqueño Javier Culson atrapó el bronce con 48.10. Culson, segundo en los últimos dos mundiales, no pudo con la carga de conseguir el primer título de Puerto Rico en unos Juegos Olímpicos.

También quiero resaltar nuestra mención al destacar la gran conquista del velocista Luguelin Santos que se llevó la medalla de  plata este lunes en los 400 metros lisos de los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres. Para llevarse el segundo lugar de la prueba, Santos hizo un tiempo de 44.46 segundos.

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in English:

First of all I congratulate the Dominican sports delegation participating in the 2012 London Olympics. Congratulations to all, all are winners!

But today, I want to mention what is first and is Felix Sanchez, our compatriot, loyal, friend, teacher. A Dominican who in all its dimensions has represented us with dignity worldwide. A true ambassador of the Dominican!

What else I can say about Felix Sanchez you not know? The least I can say is that is the sweetest name that emerges from the lips of the Dominicans. Our champion Felix Sanchez!

Luguelin Santos, now also victorious and won the silver medal 400 meters, a humble young man from our Quisqueya, who represents faith and hope of our country. Santos, with pure and clean record who goes along with our world champion Felix Sanchez. The story is young to Luguelin Santos, but his steps tour so quickly makes it worth being the champion of the promising future of Dominican youth.

Viewing the historical moment we are living the Dominicans with the success of these two young, we verify the different media (news wires) that outlines the triumph of Felix Sanchez, then I present the statement made by the Associated Press which describes the triumph and personality of the athlete in his heroic and historic achievement.
The eternal Felix Sanchez wins gold in the 400 hurdles
LONDON (AP) - Felix Sanchez lived up to his nickname. The Dominican proved to be an iron man able to defy time.
Eight years after giving to the Dominican Republic's first Olympic gold in its history, the eternal "Super Sanchez" was imposed on Monday in the 400 meters hurdles at the London Games with a time of 47.63 seconds.
At 24 days of age 35, Sanchez became the oldest athlete to win an Olympic gold in any sprint.
American Michael Tinsley took the silver with 47.91 and Puerto Rican Javier Culson grabbed the bronze with 48.10.
Culson, second in the last two World Cups, could not handle the burden of getting the first title in Puerto Rico in the Olympics.
I also want to highlight our mention to highlight the great achievement of Santos Luguelin sprinter who took the silver medal Monday in the 400 meter race of the Olympic Games in London. To win the second test, Santos made a
time of 44.46 seconds.
Congratulations to these two great athletes who pride themselves on the Dominican people and congratulations to all athletes in our country!. Www.zabalaaldia.com.


Sources: AP / Jose Zabala

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